INFRONEER Holdings Inc. INFRONEER Holdings Inc.

Corporate Profile/Board Member

Name of firm INFRONEER Holdings Inc.
Location of headquarters 2-10-2, Fujimi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0071 Japan
President Representative Executive Officer
Kazunari Kibe
Establishment In October 2021
Paid-in capital ¥20,000 million
Business category Provision of all sorts of infrastructure services from planning and proposal to design, construction, and operation & maintenance of infrastructures, as well as management and control of the group and subsidiaries operating the construction business (civil engineering and architecture), paving and manufacturing & sales of construction machinery, and all business incidental or related thereto
Phone number (81)-3-6380-8253

Board Member

Photo:Kazunari Kibe
Director Representative Executive Officer
Kazunari Kibe
President and CEO
Photo:Soji Maeda
Soji Maeda
Chairman of the Company
Photo:Yasuhiko Imaizumi
Yasuhiko Imaizumi
Photo:Masaaki Shioiri
Director / Executive Officer
Masaaki Shioiri
Responsible for Capital Investment Strategy
Photo:Keiichiro Hashimoto
Keiichiro Hashimoto
Chairperson of the Board and Audit Committee
Photo:Seiichiro Yonekura
Seiichiro Yonekura
Photo:Koichi Moriya
Koichi Moriya
Chairperson of Nominating Committee
Photo:Rie Murayama
Rie Murayama
Photo:Atsushi Takagi
Atsushi Takagi
Chairperson of Compensation Committee
Executive Officer Takao Nakanishi Responsible for Marketing Strategy , Construcution & Engineering Strategy , Responsible for Integrated Infrastructure Services Strategy
Exectutive Officer Yuji Hatakama Responsible for Corporate Strategy , IT & DX Strategy , Marketing Strategy , Capital Investment Strategy
Executive Officer Masaji Nagumo Responsible for Audit, Marketing Strategy , Construcution & Engineering Strategy
Executive Officer Ryuji Endo Responsible for Sustainability Promotion , Human Resources Strategy , Financial Strategy
Executive Officer Yasuo Kato Responsible for Group Management